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About Kellie Moore: Reviewer Early Childhood Fiction

KellieKellie Moore is an Early Childhood Educator with more than 17 years  at the chalk-face.  She was born in Devonport, Tasmania, before moving to Adelaide with her family at the age of 8.  It is with pride that she still refers to herself as being a Tasmanian at heart.

Kellie developed a passion for reading at a young age and this has since blossomed into what can only be referred to as a ‘full blown-addiction’ to the printed word.   In a professional capacity, she enjoys sharing her love of language and literacy with the children she teaches whilst inspiring families to engage with reading joyfully as a daily habit.  Kellie believes that learning should be fun, play-based and that educators (and adults?) should touch base with their inner child and ‘daily lick a fence and hug a tree’.

When not working she enjoys time out with a glass of wine and a great meal with friends and family.  She lives with her pet rabbit who is usually well behaved but does have a tendency to chew on things that he should not.

Truly each new book is as a ship that bears us away from the fixity of our limitations into the movement and splendour of life’s infinite ocean. – Helen Keller



About Tanya Grech Welden : Reviewer Senior Secondary & Middle School

Tanya Grech Welden is an English teacher born, raised and now living in Adelaide. She spent the early years of her teaching career living and working in Liverpool in the UK before returning to Australia to teach at a Catholic College in Port Augusta. After six years in the bush (and a couple of kids later), she returned to Adelaide where she spent time as a Assistant Principal in a Catholic primary school in the Eastern suburbs. More recently she commenced working at Gleeson College, a Catholic High School amid the hills and valleys of Golden Grove. This setting has provided her with a wealth of inspiration for writing and has encouraged her to work towards the promotion of literacy.
Tanya Grech Welden is also a a writer of contemporary fiction for Young Adults aged 14+. Through her uniquely Australian stories she explores challenges facing today’s youth.   She currently  divides her time between writing, wrangling with three children and her supportive husband.

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