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“Twinmaker: Crash” by Sean Williams, Allen & Unwin (2014)


I was captivated by the first instalment of the Twinmaker trilogy Jump (you can read my review here) and was consequently eager to sample the next offering in the series by acclaimed South Australian author Sean Williams.

In Crash, Williams continues to follow the story of Clair as she is pursued by dupes whilst continuing to seek the truth about d-mat and track down the elusive Q.  Crash has a similar energy to the first episode although this time I did find the constant chase across the globe and resurrection (and re-resurrection) of minor characters wearisome at times.  Crash adds a host of new characters to the mix to further complicate the plot.  Of particular note is the rather mysterious Devin and multi-talented PK (Peace Keeper) Sargent, both of whom keep the reader guessing as to their motives.  The relationship between Clair and Jesse continues although I was a disappointed that my understanding of Jesse failed to deepen with him still feeling a little underdeveloped.

Williams continues to make thought provoking and insightful statements related to the role of technology in the modern world.  However, I did not feel that in Crash he added any additional ideas to those that were introduced in the previous volume.

This is a very long and somewhat dense novel when one considers that it is aimed for the Young Adult audience.  Regrettably, this probably places it outside the interest level for many of the adolescents I teach.  Furthermore its length may restrict its use in the classroom.  On a more positive note, excerpts of the text might provide valuable insights and a discussion point for use in the Science classroom, particularly those touching upon ethics as they relate to technology.

Overall, a fast faced novel with equal measures of energy and intrigue, well suited to Science Fiction devotees within the upper age bracket of the Young Adult genre.

Reviewed by Tanya Grech Welden

**Allen & Unwin provided me with a free review copy for this book.  I have otherwise not been paid for any review or endorsement of this book and my opinions reflect my own unbiased view.**

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